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A Great Moment in Time…


I had such a blast photographing these two! Colonel is a very high energy Vizsla, a breed of hunting dog from Hungary. They were bred to work as pointers and retrievers, and this boy really enjoyed stretching his legs…and getting lots of loving…

We split the shoot between my pasture and a nearby park. We started here at my home, which is where this image was taken.

The first thing I did though was have them just wander…

So, have you ever felt like this?


If you’ve got a dog, I’m sure the answer is “yes”!

Christi’s expression is classic – she had just been on the receiving end of some serious loving from Josey, and she was braced for more.

These are the moments I love to capture for you

Composition Tips for Better Images

hello…I hope wherever you are, you are capturing memories…time goes so very quickly – don’t take it for granted.

Whether your subjects are friends, family, pets, moments – you will ‘feel’ more when your images have more pleasing composition.

What do I mean by composition?

Composition refers to the choices you make about what you include AND what you leave out of your images.

Indigo’s Grand Adventures | Emma Long Park in Austin

So, My mom hasn’t told you about what we’ve been doing lately, and finally! she’s getting back with the program…Huh!

So, we were in Austin recently…have I told you how much I LOVE Austin? They are really smart people – they love dogs!

Indigo’s Grand Adventures | Breakfast in Dallas

So, I’m not entirely certain I really like this shot of my tush, but my Mom gets to control that, I don’t. sigh…
Anyway, I think it was pretty clear, don’t you, that I was ready to go out and smell the gorgeous flowers? I really do love to smell flowers – they are all so different!

Having A Vision…

This photo of Feather, a gorgeous chocolate lab, was taken in front of her home…You can see in the ‘straight’ photo how the background competes with her, so in the second image I’ve made some adjustments so the background becomes softer and less of a distraction. I took great care to move around Feather and… Read more »

Indigo’s Grand Adventures | My Herd is Splitting

So, I’ve told you before that I’m an ACD [Australian Cattle Dog] and I know you realize that means we were bred to herd cattle, right?  When you have the really important job of herding anything – cattle, people, whatever…part of your job is to keep them together.  I mean you certainly can’t herd stuff… Read more »

Indigo’s Grand Adventures | Cafe Madrid

So, our first night in Dallas we went to this Spanish Tapas restaurant [hope you know what that means, because I don’t] called Cafe Madrid.  It was hot, but there was a nice breeze and I was really surprised because there were other people sitting outside with us…I didn’t expect that…For some reason, I’m not… Read more »