The Front Room Tavern

Indigo’s Grand Adventures | Breakfast in Dallas

So, I’m not entirely certain I really like this shot of my tush, but my Mom gets to control that, I don’t. sigh

Anyway, I think it was pretty clear, don’t you, that I was ready to go out and smell the gorgeous flowers? I really do love to smell flowers – they are all so different!

We were at the Front Room Tavern, which is the hotel restaurant at the Kimpton Hotel, called The Lumen. We’ve talked about the hotel in an earlier post, and I like it a lot…

They know how to treat a dog right! So, if you can get your human out that way, make them take you. It’s across the street from SMU and that’s a cool place to walk.

Just make sure your human takes poop bags, ok? We need to make sure our humans clean up after us so people still allow us to go as many places as possible.

My mom is pretty funny about that – I mean, I do what I have to do and then I’m ready to head out. She always says “Hang on, remember, you poop, I clean.” LOL

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