A Great Moment in Time…

I had such a blast photographing these two!  Colonel is a very high energy Vizsla, a breed of hunting dog from Hungary.  They were bred to work as pointers and retrievers, and this boy really enjoyed stretching his legs…and getting lots of loving…

We split the shoot between my pasture and a nearby park.  We started here at my home, which is where both these images were taken.

The first thing I did though was have them just wander around the area where we’d be shooting, so he could stretch his legs and check things out.  The image with Kasey in it was one of our first shots after I asked her to sit on the ground with him.  We then went down to the park, as he had settled out a little bit.

And his favorite part, was when we came back to my place and we let him off leash…He had a blast, and I loved his flying ears – they were awesome. Don’t you just love the way everything is flying?

I don’t rush shoots as that just stresses everyone (including the four-legged) out, so we worked together about 2 hours.  There is plenty of time to wander, relax, get loving, shoot, repeat…  🙂

I enjoyed getting to know them both, and finding out what aspects of Colonel we absolutely had to capture in the images.  As a sporting dog, we wanted to make sure to get shots of him moving as well as more static images.

Once the shoot begins, it’s all about keeping everyone happy while capturing memories that will be glorious in print.

I don’t tend to process all images from a shoot the same, as each image cries out for it’s own treatment to make it pop.

For this particular one of Kasey and Colonel, I knew post processing it so it has a sepia appearance would be the way to go.  This would be glorious either on metal or in canvas.

The image of Colonel running likewise had a more platinum post processing approach, so that his great body would be the focus without the distraction of color…besides, you just have to love those ears!  This one we went with a metal presentation and it just glows.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as we do!

Check out more images of Dogs in my gallery – some with, and some without, their humans.

I’d love to hear which ones are your favorites, and why…

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