Stunning Peppa! What a gorgeous girl…

What a joy to have the opportunity to take images of Ms. Peppa…she is not quite a year old, and is a striking Lab/Great Dane mix.  Her marking are just amazing…Not only is she lovely to look at, she is just a doll.

Additional images will show up in the portfolio section of my site, but wanted to share these two in my blog post right away…

Terri really wanted to share these two images immediately with friends and family while she waits for her images to arrive – which by the way we’ll be printing on metal for a cool presentation.  She’ll be sharing two or three at the Birthday Girl’s upcoming First Birthday Party!

We shot these last week – with her mom serving as an awesome dog handler!  The images were taken in a local park and in a large field where Peppa could stretch her legs.  She had such a great time sniffing and running, that I hear she slept like a rock that night.  LOL.

Both of these images were processed so they feel like paintings, but some of the others Terri chose feel more like traditional photographs.

I had a great time reviewing the images with Terri and hearing her responses to the various images. It’s why I do this…so my clients can have images that speak to their heart forever.

I just love it when I hear sighs, or laughter…that lets me know I’ve captured the essence…

Love to know what you think…

2 Responses to “Stunning Peppa! What a gorgeous girl…”

  1. Shelly

    Lovely images!!

    • Cheryl

      Thank you Shelly! She was a beautiful model! And an all-around beautiful girl…

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