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My mom found out from Lesley at Cowtown Canines about this place called wag in Fort Worth near 7th.  She said they had awesome baked treats for dogs, and she was right!  My people bought me a peanut butter cup – oh, it was gone too fast, but it was amazing!  I want to go back again and get more!

But, they have more than baked treats – it’s a store that has all sorts of stuff that I liked – treats, toys, food, collars, harnesses…my mom bought me a toy that floats.  My people said they’ll see if I want to jump in to get it the next time we’re at zBonz.  I haven’t decided yet how I’ll deal with that…

My mom talked for a bit with the woman working that day – she was really nice!  I hope we get to go back – I want another peanut butter cup!!!!!

And it’s certainly no coincidence that my mom asked me to sit in front of all the buckets that said ‘good dog’ to take my photo!

Okay, so my mom reminded me I’m supposed to tell you how to find it…it’s called wag canine emporium at 1005 Foch Street in FW.  Their number is 817.877.4924 and they’re open every day…

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  1. Cheryl

    Thanks Sue! Hi everyone…Sue is a wonderful friend with a new venture- check out her site!

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