about savi + indigo photography, llc

The first time I saw one of my images printed – it just stopped me in my tracks.  When I check out the back of my camera while shooting [called ‘chimping’ for some strange reason] I can see if the image has potential.  Then, I review the images on my large monitor, and many don’t make the cut.  Then, I choose to work on the ones that really speak to me, and I love seeing how they evolve as I process them to bring out the best in each image.  BUT, it is another thing altogether to see and feel it in print.  I absolutely love the accessibility of digital files, and yet, they don’t replace a physical print.

So, while you’re certainly checking these images out digitally, if we partner to create images for you, they will be at their absolute best if they are printed – whether on a large canvas, or in a fine art style or in an album or other option.

I had asked a fellow professional photographer to critique a few of my images for me, and her final words really stuck with me.  She said “…in these busy lives we all lead, your images make me exhale.  I relax, and what a gift that is…”  Her comments really helped crystalize the impact I want my images to have and I say on my site, “I want you to stop.  I want you to feel.”

I enjoy both color and black and white images – sometimes an image just needs to go one way or the other to really rock.  I also transition some images so they have a ‘painted’ feel as it can bring some images to life…

I’d love for this to be a two way conversation, so please keep in touch.  In addition to my site and this blog, I’m on instagram, facebook and pinterest.