Stunning Sante Fe

Do you love Santa Fe?  I know I do…

I had the pleasure of spending Christmas there, and that is a stunning time of year.  And, it was COLD last year.  My husband and I did a lot of walking, and we were seriously bundled up as we wandered around.  We rang in the new year by listening to the Flamenco guitarist of ReVoZo- you can check it out on my concerts page.  What a talented musician – I don’t know about you, but I love the energy in flamenco.

I also couldn’t resist this rug, A Different View, found in the Fine Art gallery, which was in the Condo we rented over the holidays.  Fortunately, my husband has gotten used to me getting absorbed in photographing random things that catch my eye.

I have always been drawn to the Four Corners area and adore the architecture in Sante Fe – the combination of soothing and vibrant colors, & the rounded ‘edges’ in the buildings.  I find it very soothing.

This particular building is in downtown Santa Fe, and it is a side view of the Museum of Contemporary Native American Arts.  The clouds were stunning that day and I especially loved the varying heights of the building.  I did get some strange looks while I was taking this shot, but it was oh, so worth it…

Since every time I look at this, it takes me back to that moment, I am always taken aback when people don’t realize they are looking at a building. I don’t believe anyone who has not been to Santa Fe, or has previously seen this type of architecture, has ever known what they were looking at, until I told them.

Always a good reminder for me not to assume – as my Dad always says, “when you assume, you make an…” and I’m assuming here that you know how the rest of this statement goes.  LOL

The images in the Fine Art gallery are all for sale – I’d love to chat with you about preparing just for you the ones you want to purchase for yourself, or a give as a gift.  Contact me here…



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