Stunning Peppa! What a gorgeous girl…

What a joy to have the opportunity to take images of Ms. Peppa…she is not quite a year old, and is a striking Lab/Great Dane mix.  Her marking are just amazing…Not only is she lovely to look at, she is just a doll.

Additional images will show up in the portfolio section of my site, but wanted to share these two in my blog post right away…

Terri really wanted to share these two images immediately with friends and family while she waits for her images to arrive – which by the way we’ll be printing on metal for a cool presentation.  She’ll be sharing two or three at the Birthday Girl’s upcoming First Birthday Party!

We shot these last week – with her mom serving as an awesome dog handler!  The images were taken in a local park and in a large field where Peppa could stretch her legs.  She had such a great time sniffing and running, that I hear she slept like a rock that night.  LOL.

Both of these images were processed so they feel like paintings, but some of the others Terri chose feel more like traditional photographs.

I had a great time reviewing the images with Terri and hearing her responses to the various images. It’s why I do this…so my clients can have images that speak to their heart forever.

I just love it when I hear sighs, or laughter…that lets me know I’ve captured the essence…

Love to know what you think…

2 Responses to “Stunning Peppa! What a gorgeous girl…”

  1. Shelly

    Lovely images!!

    • Cheryl

      Thank you Shelly! She was a beautiful model! And an all-around beautiful girl…

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Stunning Sante Fe

Do you love Santa Fe?  I know I do…

I had the pleasure of spending Christmas there, and that is a stunning time of year.  And, it was COLD last year.  My husband and I did a lot of walking, and we were seriously bundled up as we wandered around.  We rang in the new year by listening to the Flamenco guitarist of ReVoZo- you can check it out on my concerts page.  What a talented musician – I don’t know about you, but I love the energy in flamenco.

I also couldn’t resist this rug, A Different View, found in the Fine Art gallery, which was in the Condo we rented over the holidays.  Fortunately, my husband has gotten used to me getting absorbed in photographing random things that catch my eye.

I have always been drawn to the Four Corners area and adore the architecture in Sante Fe – the combination of soothing and vibrant colors, & the rounded ‘edges’ in the buildings.  I find it very soothing.

This particular building is in downtown Santa Fe, and it is a side view of the Museum of Contemporary Native American Arts.  The clouds were stunning that day and I especially loved the varying heights of the building.  I did get some strange looks while I was taking this shot, but it was oh, so worth it…

Since every time I look at this, it takes me back to that moment, I am always taken aback when people don’t realize they are looking at a building. I don’t believe anyone who has not been to Santa Fe, or has previously seen this type of architecture, has ever known what they were looking at, until I told them.

Always a good reminder for me not to assume – as my Dad always says, “when you assume, you make an…” and I’m assuming here that you know how the rest of this statement goes.  LOL

The images in the Fine Art gallery are all for sale – I’d love to chat with you about preparing just for you the ones you want to purchase for yourself, or a give as a gift.  Contact me here…



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A Great Moment in Time…

I had such a blast photographing these two!  Colonel is a very high energy Vizsla, a breed of hunting dog from Hungary.  They were bred to work as pointers and retrievers, and this boy really enjoyed stretching his legs…and getting lots of loving…

We split the shoot between my pasture and a nearby park.  We started here at my home, which is where both these images were taken.

The first thing I did though was have them just wander around the area where we’d be shooting, so he could stretch his legs and check things out.  The image with Kasey in it was one of our first shots after I asked her to sit on the ground with him.  We then went down to the park, as he had settled out a little bit.

And his favorite part, was when we came back to my place and we let him off leash…He had a blast, and I loved his flying ears – they were awesome. Don’t you just love the way everything is flying?

I don’t rush shoots as that just stresses everyone (including the four-legged) out, so we worked together about 2 hours.  There is plenty of time to wander, relax, get loving, shoot, repeat…  🙂

I enjoyed getting to know them both, and finding out what aspects of Colonel we absolutely had to capture in the images.  As a sporting dog, we wanted to make sure to get shots of him moving as well as more static images.

Once the shoot begins, it’s all about keeping everyone happy while capturing memories that will be glorious in print.

I don’t tend to process all images from a shoot the same, as each image cries out for it’s own treatment to make it pop.

For this particular one of Kasey and Colonel, I knew post processing it so it has a sepia appearance would be the way to go.  This would be glorious either on metal or in canvas.

The image of Colonel running likewise had a more platinum post processing approach, so that his great body would be the focus without the distraction of color…besides, you just have to love those ears!  This one we went with a metal presentation and it just glows.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as we do!

Check out more images of Dogs in my gallery – some with, and some without, their humans.

I’d love to hear which ones are your favorites, and why…

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So, have you ever felt like this?

If you’ve got a dog, I’m sure the answer is “yes”!

Christi’s expression is classic – she had just been on the receiving end of some serious loving from Josey, and she was braced for more.

These are the moments I love to capture for you – they’re not staged, they’re just a real moment that you can relate to every time you see the image.

Some images just tell their own story…

While I live in the DFW area, I travel to other locations to capture your babies…I’m working on trips to Boston and Vermont for next year – late spring, early summer most likely.

Check out more images of Dogs in my gallery – some with, and some without, their humans.

I’d love to hear which ones are your favorites, and why…



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Powerful Serenity | Loan Collection

Hi everyone,

I was so excited when I was notified that this print, Powerful Serenity, had been accepted into the Loan Collection…a few years ago I didn’t even know what that meant, and I’m betting you don’t either…

There is an organization called the Professional Photographer’s Association [PPA] that every year hosts the International Print Competition. A panel of 46 eminent jurors from across the United States selected the top photographs from nearly 5,700 total submitted entries in 2016. Judged against a standard of excellence, just under 2,500 images were selected for the General Collection and 1,030 (roughly 18 percent) were selected for the esteemed Loan Collection—the best of the best. The Loan Collection images will all be published in the much-anticipated “Loan Collection” book and over 200 selected General Collection images will be published in the “Showcase” book by Marathon Press.

This is the most prestigious competition of its kind, where images are judged based on a standard of artistic excellence, not against each other.

I share a bit more about the heartwarming feedback I received from two of the judge in the Cheers section of my site…

This image, and more, are available for sale.

You can find them in the Fine Art section of my site, and more info on my Home page about ordering any of the images that touch you.  Bottom line, once you’ve decided which ones you want to purchase, tag me at so we can discuss…Each image will look its best prepared in certain ways: canvas, fine art print, canvas, acrylic, etc.  Let’s have fun together creating your own personal art piece!

About PPA:
Professional Photographers of America (PPA) is the largest international nonprofit association created by professional photographers, for professional photographers. Almost as long-lived as photography itself, PPA’s roots date back to 1869. It assists more than 28,000 members through protection, education and resources for their continued success. See how PPA helps photographers be more at

Powerful Serenity and Gypsy Dancer [my other Loan Collection image] will be on display at the International Photographic Exhibition at Imaging USA, held in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, TX. This International Photographic Exhibit is held in conjunction with Imaging USA, an annual convention and expo for professional photographers and several photographic associations.

A special thanks to Ed for allowing me to share with you his gorgeous Quarter Horse mare, Sierra…




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Composition Tips for Better Images

hello…I hope wherever you are, you are capturing memories…time goes so very quickly – don’t take it for granted.

Whether your subjects are friends, family, pets, moments – you will ‘feel’ more when your images have more pleasing composition.

What do I mean by composition?

I’m going to show you three images so you can see what I’m talking about…but first let me explain a bit about the terms and concepts I used to show you what I’m talking about.

Composition refers to the choices you make about what you include AND what you leave out of your images.  It’s really important to check your photos for distractions that you may not notice when you’re taking the photo.  As you pay more attention, you’ll find that you choose NOT to take some photos because the background or the ‘other’ things creeping into your image, kind of ruin it.

You want the viewer’s eye to be drawn to your subject – they shouldn’t have to guess what you were really taking a picture of.  Background is very important – and sometimes just shifting your position a bit can get rid of a background that ruins your image.  Sometimes the distractions are things on either side of your ‘subject’.  Again, you can try moving a bit and see if you can make them go away.

A related choice is how much of the image do you want to be sharply in focus?  It may be you want everything in focus – really common for landscapes, etc. or maybe you only want your subject sharp and you want the rest of be softer – some call it ‘blurry’ and you’ll see it called bokeh in photography.

So, here are the three images…Just click on each image, and it will pop up into the larger box so you can check it out more easily.

In the first image you see a lot more of the surroundings in the photo – great old chairs, lights strung on the fence and Indigo.  But, it’s a bit busy isn’t it?  If I asked you what the subject is, you’d probably say Indigo, but maybe it was the whole scene.  You can see part of her leash as well as chairs, railing, lights…It’s also a bit awkward where I crop Indigo – it feels a little uncomfortable, doesn’t it?

In the second image, I pull it together the way I want to see it.  I feel more when I look a this image.  Indigo is clearly my focus and the lights softly out of focus add interest but they don’t compete with Indigo for attention.

In the last image, you’ll see bokeh in action.  I loved these lights strung on the fence, and I shot this so only the second light was sharp and the rest were out of focus.  This technique makes it very clear where I want your eye to go in this photo.

I’d love to hear from you with any questions or comments!

And, of course I’d enjoy chatting with you about creating images that you will love forever.

I’m beginning work on a series of simple booklets to explain photographic concepts in a way that allows you to get started playing with your camera right away – so, go ahead and sign up for my blog posts on the right side of this post to keep up to date on release dates.



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Feather…what a beautiful girl…

I had a blast taking photos of Feather for her mom!  She is a well trained hunting dog who loves to go out hunting

with her dad…but can be a bit on the lazy side at home.

On this day, she was on the mellow side, which worked out quite well in trying to capture her wonderful intensity.

The trees and grass were SO green, that it was distracting, so I played with the image so that Feather is the focus – not the green.

And, you can see that even though they are no longer green, the trees are out of focus behind her – again this draws your eye to Feather and her great expression.

Don’t get me wrong, I love green grass as much as anyone, but it can be overwhelming in photos.



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Indigo’s Grand Adventures | Emma Long Park in Austin

So, My mom hasn’t told you about what we’ve been doing lately, and finally! she’s getting back with the program…Huh!

So, we were in Austin recently…have I told you how much I LOVE Austin?  They are really smart people – they love dogs!

Probably one of my favorite places in the WHOLE world is the off leash hiking trail near Emma Long Metropolitan Park.  It is awesome!

It is so cool that even people without dogs [I mean, how could you live without dogs?] come hike the trail.  It is rocky enough to make it fun, and a really awesome creek runs beside about half of the trail.  I can run, and jump and lay in the water – say ‘hi’ to dogs I want to meet and ignore those I don’t.  How much better could it be?

It’s a little under 3 miles, and I run back and forth between my people, so I get an extra good workout.  My people don’t stay together real well, and since I AM a herding dog, I have to keep up with both of them.  My mom is always bringing up the rear because she’s taking photos – sometimes of me, and sometimes of other things she likes the look of…

I mean, it’s ok – cause she takes really awesome photos of me!

I’ll be back later to tell you more about our time in Austin – but if you’re near there, or lucky enough to live there, go check out this trail.  It’s great!


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Indigo’s Grand Adventures | Breakfast in Dallas

So, I’m not entirely certain I really like this shot of my tush, but my Mom gets to control that, I don’t. sigh

Anyway, I think it was pretty clear, don’t you, that I was ready to go out and smell the gorgeous flowers? I really do love to smell flowers – they are all so different!

We were at the Front Room Tavern, which is the hotel restaurant at the Kimpton Hotel, called The Lumen. We’ve talked about the hotel in an earlier post, and I like it a lot…

They know how to treat a dog right! So, if you can get your human out that way, make them take you. It’s across the street from SMU and that’s a cool place to walk.

Just make sure your human takes poop bags, ok? We need to make sure our humans clean up after us so people still allow us to go as many places as possible.

My mom is pretty funny about that – I mean, I do what I have to do and then I’m ready to head out. She always says “Hang on, remember, you poop, I clean.” LOL

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Having A Vision…

This photo of Feather, a gorgeous chocolate lab, was taken in front of her home…You can see in the ‘straight’ photo how the background competes with her, so in the second image I’ve made some adjustments so the background becomes softer and less of a distraction. I took great care to move around Feather and make sure the green vine wasn’t ‘growing out of her head’ but instead framed her on the left. I also made sure that the plants on the lower left and right were not ‘covered up’ by part of her body.

Part of the fun in being a pet photographer is playing with the images I shoot in order to create as much variety as possible. Beauty is certainly in the eye of the owner(s) and there a quite a few things that make an image special to them beyond the obvious one of “Is it a good shot of my dog?”. It could be shooting in various rooms or outside their home in a favorite area that the dog really loves…or it could be them playing with a favorite toy…doing a favorite activity…or hanging with their people…

I had a great time with Feather and this is one of the images that both I and her ‘human’ Christi really love.

I’d love to partner with you too to create art of your baby…feel free to reach out via the contact me link. I can’t wait to meet you and your fur kid!

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