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Composition Tips for Better Images

hello…I hope wherever you are, you are capturing memories…time goes so very quickly – don’t take it for granted.

Whether your subjects are friends, family, pets, moments – you will ‘feel’ more when your images have more pleasing composition.

What do I mean by composition?

Composition refers to the choices you make about what you include AND what you leave out of your images.

Boyfriend…in early morning light

Believe it or not, Boyfriend was only about 6 months old when this image was made.  He is a Bull Mastiff and just a sweetheart!  As a puppy, he was bigger than many full grown dogs! We were out at my local park in a mostly wooded area.  It was early morning and the light… Read more »

Daisy…what a doll!

  I ran into Daisy and her mom out for a walk at our local park. This was Daisy’s first time out in the big, bad world…and she wasn’t entirely sure this was a good place to be… Indigo and I just stopped and I chatted with her mom for a bit so that Daisy could… Read more »