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Indigo’s Grand Adventures | Breakfast in Dallas

So, I’m not entirely certain I really like this shot of my tush, but my Mom gets to control that, I don’t. sigh…
Anyway, I think it was pretty clear, don’t you, that I was ready to go out and smell the gorgeous flowers? I really do love to smell flowers – they are all so different!

Indigo’s Grand Adventures | Flower Market

I’ve mentioned before that I really like to smell flowers…my mom usually isn’t fast enough with her camera to catch me, but I really like to smell them… LOL I know I’ve told you my mom likes to shoot flowers, and there is this great flower shop that is dog friendly.  They even have a… Read more »

Indigo’s Grand Adventures | Clark Gardens

You should know by now I love going places with my people, and fortunately my people like going places with me too!  My mom found out about Clark Gardens through a friend, and since she really likes to photograph flowers [only have to check out the gallery under Fine Art to see I’m not lyin’]… Read more »