Having A Vision…

This photo of Feather, a gorgeous chocolate lab, was taken in front of her home…You can see in the ‘straight’ photo how the background competes with her, so in the second image I’ve made some adjustments so the background becomes softer and less of a distraction. I took great care to move around Feather and make sure the green vine wasn’t ‘growing out of her head’ but instead framed her on the left. I also made sure that the plants on the lower left and right were not ‘covered up’ by part of her body.

Part of the fun in being a pet photographer is playing with the images I shoot in order to create as much variety as possible. Beauty is certainly in the eye of the owner(s) and there a quite a few things that make an image special to them beyond the obvious one of “Is it a good shot of my dog?”. It could be shooting in various rooms or outside their home in a favorite area that the dog really loves…or it could be them playing with a favorite toy…doing a favorite activity…or hanging with their people…

I had a great time with Feather and this is one of the images that both I and her ‘human’ Christi really love.

I’d love to partner with you too to create art of your baby…feel free to reach out via the contact me link. I can’t wait to meet you and your fur kid!

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