Indigo’s Grand Adventures | Cafe Madrid

So, our first night in Dallas we went to this Spanish Tapas restaurant [hope you know what that means, because I don’t] called Cafe Madrid.  It was hot, but there was a nice breeze and I was really surprised because there were other people sitting outside with us…I didn’t expect that…For some reason, I’m not allowed to go INSIDE restaurants so we always have to eat outside.  But since it was hot outside, I thought everyone else would be eating inside.

It was our first time going to this restaurant…my people really liked it and the waiter brought me some awesome chicken!  So, I got a treat too.

I was laying down minding my own business, and then guess what?  People came walking by and wanted to let my people know how pretty they thought I was…Oh well, what can you expect when you’re a gorgeous Australian Cattle Dog?  They talked about my blue eyes and my markings – some of my best features,  I must admit.  LOL.

All right, my mom won’t leave me alone.

She says I have to tell you what a Tapas restaurant is…sigh. Mom says the dishes are appetizer size and meant for sharing, and she says the flavors are wonderful and varied.  Huh?  Anyway, they liked their tapas and I liked my chicken.  What else do you really need to know?  I’m sure you can find it on the web and check it out sometime…who knows, maybe you’ll even get to see me!

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