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Indigo’s Grand Adventures | Not So Grand…

So, do you remember how I mentioned that I really like to have my full two day weekend with my people?  Well, it didn’t happen last weekend.  My mom told me she had received a media pass to photograph all 6 bands at the Toyota Texas Fest in Frisco, so she and my Dad went… Read more »

Indigo’s Grand Adventures | Fort Worth Nature Center & Reserve

I’m going to tell you something…when my mom first took me to the Nature Center I was a bit skittish…the trails were surrounded by trees and there was rustling all around me.  NOW, I know it’s probably just birds, squirrels and maybe an armadillo or two.  But I kept stopping and looking behind me to make… Read more »

Indigo’s Grand Adventures…SSD strikes…

So, as often as we can, I get my mom to take me for a walk in our local park.  I L O V E it – there are so many great smells!  My mom is missing out though because she just doesn’t understand why I want to stop and smell the trash cans…If only… Read more »

Indigo’s Grand Adventures…Cowtown Canines Daycare

Like I said earlier, I was a bit nervous around people and commotion and even other dogs…My mom and I learned to do Agility together and as I got more comfortable, I loved to play with other dogs, so my mom decided to start taking me to Day Care so I could play all day… Read more »

Boyfriend…in early morning light

Believe it or not, Boyfriend was only about 6 months old when this image was made.  He is a Bull Mastiff and just a sweetheart!  As a puppy, he was bigger than many full grown dogs! We were out at my local park in a mostly wooded area.  It was early morning and the light… Read more »

Indigo’s Grand Adventures

Hi everyone…my name is Indigo.  My mom named her business after me and another Australian Cattle Dog she rescued. Yesterday, she went with a friend to do a photo walk at Bishop Arts District and while she was there she ran into a man with his standard poodle who had done a 5k as part… Read more »

Daisy…what a doll!

  I ran into Daisy and her mom out for a walk at our local park. This was Daisy’s first time out in the big, bad world…and she wasn’t entirely sure this was a good place to be… Indigo and I just stopped and I chatted with her mom for a bit so that Daisy could… Read more »