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So, do you remember how I mentioned that I really like to have my full two day weekend with my people?  Well, it didn’t happen last weekend.  My mom told me she had received a media pass to photograph all 6 bands at the Toyota Texas Fest in Frisco, so she and my Dad went to watch Big & Rich Friday night.  And then, she was gone Saturday evening and Sunday evening too!  But, at least I had my dad to hang out with…

She said I could post a pic of me and my dad and one of the images she took with all the shooting she did at the event.  And yes, she said there are more images in her gallery of the bands – in case you want to check them out or anything.

And I really like bonding with my dad – when he asks me if I want to bond I know he means hang out in our lounge chair together.  And I guess, sometimes it is nice to have a low-key weekend.  BUT, my mom has promised me that next weekend will be a 3-day weekend since it’s Memorial Day.  Looking forward to that!

I’m sure I’ll have real adventures to tell you about soon…I better

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