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Water Battles at zBonz Dog Park

I headed off with Indigo, my husband [someone has to carry the gear!] and my camera to check out zBonz – a new dog park in Fort Worth, off Camp Bowie Blvd.  Since it used to be a golf course, it’s a nice size and the major bonus is the pond on the large dog… Read more »

Indigo’s Grand Adventures | zBonz Dog Park

Now this was beyond fun!!! My mom drives by it and ever since it opened she’s been planning on taking me, and it finally happened!  If your human has never taken you, tell them you have to GO! It is in Fort Worth, and opened a few months ago.  There is a side for small… Read more »

Indigo’s Grand Adventures | Not So Grand…

So, do you remember how I mentioned that I really like to have my full two day weekend with my people?  Well, it didn’t happen last weekend.  My mom told me she had received a media pass to photograph all 6 bands at the Toyota Texas Fest in Frisco, so she and my Dad went… Read more »

Indigo’s Grand Adventures | Fort Worth Nature Center & Reserve

I’m going to tell you something…when my mom first took me to the Nature Center I was a bit skittish…the trails were surrounded by trees and there was rustling all around me.  NOW, I know it’s probably just birds, squirrels and maybe an armadillo or two.  But I kept stopping and looking behind me to make… Read more »

Indigo’s Grand Adventures…SSD strikes…

So, as often as we can, I get my mom to take me for a walk in our local park.  I L O V E it – there are so many great smells!  My mom is missing out though because she just doesn’t understand why I want to stop and smell the trash cans…If only… Read more »

Indigo’s Grand Adventures…Cowtown Canines Daycare

Like I said earlier, I was a bit nervous around people and commotion and even other dogs…My mom and I learned to do Agility together and as I got more comfortable, I loved to play with other dogs, so my mom decided to start taking me to Day Care so I could play all day… Read more »

Boyfriend…in early morning light

Believe it or not, Boyfriend was only about 6 months old when this image was made.  He is a Bull Mastiff and just a sweetheart!  As a puppy, he was bigger than many full grown dogs! We were out at my local park in a mostly wooded area.  It was early morning and the light… Read more »

Indigo’s Grand Adventures

Hi everyone…my name is Indigo.  My mom named her business after me and another Australian Cattle Dog she rescued. Yesterday, she went with a friend to do a photo walk at Bishop Arts District and while she was there she ran into a man with his standard poodle who had done a 5k as part… Read more »

Daisy…what a doll!

  I ran into Daisy and her mom out for a walk at our local park. This was Daisy’s first time out in the big, bad world…and she wasn’t entirely sure this was a good place to be… Indigo and I just stopped and I chatted with her mom for a bit so that Daisy could… Read more »

Wow…the first post…

So, confession time. I have a LONG history of loving being behind the camera and despising being in front of it. Rather shocking for a photographer, isn’t it? It’s not that all photos of me are bad, but most were.  To prove that I’m not exaggerating, I was getting a photo taken for my driver’s… Read more »