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Indigo’s Grand Adventures | My Herd is Splitting

So, I’ve told you before that I’m an ACD [Australian Cattle Dog] and I know you realize that means we were bred to herd cattle, right?  When you have the really important job of herding anything – cattle, people, whatever…part of your job is to keep them together.  I mean you certainly can’t herd stuff… Read more »

Indigo’s Grand Adventures | Cafe Madrid

So, our first night in Dallas we went to this Spanish Tapas restaurant [hope you know what that means, because I don’t] called Cafe Madrid.  It was hot, but there was a nice breeze and I was really surprised because there were other people sitting outside with us…I didn’t expect that…For some reason, I’m not… Read more »

Indigo’s Grand Adventures | The Lumen

Oh, I just love The Lumen!  They know how to treat a dog right…LOL.  My people seem to like it too. So, why do I say this?  Well, first, they allow dogs with no extra fees, my mom says.  Not sure what that means, but it makes her happy…and you know what they say about… Read more »

Indigo’s Grand Adventures | Paciugo

So, this was pretty cool…literally.  Hah!  We were in Fort Worth off 7th and mom asked them if I could come in to this gelato store.  And they said ‘yes’!  I was pretty jazzed because it was hot outside, and I was sitting with my dad on a bench while my mom was inside asking… Read more »

Indigo’s Grand Adventures | wag canine emporium

My mom found out from Lesley at Cowtown Canines about this place called wag in Fort Worth near 7th.  She said they had awesome baked treats for dogs, and she was right!  My people bought me a peanut butter cup – oh, it was gone too fast, but it was amazing!  I want to go… Read more »

Indigo’s Grand Adventures | Flower Market

I’ve mentioned before that I really like to smell flowers…my mom usually isn’t fast enough with her camera to catch me, but I really like to smell them… LOL I know I’ve told you my mom likes to shoot flowers, and there is this great flower shop that is dog friendly.  They even have a… Read more »

Indigo’s Grand Adventures | Going Home with Brittany

Ok, so I want to be clear.  I LOVE Brittany…I really, really do. But her truck sucks for me.  My mom had told me I was going to go home with Brittany one night so she could go do a workshop, but seriously?  In this truck? You can tell from my expression I am not… Read more »

Indigo’s Grand Adventures | Levitt Pavilion

So, a friend had told my mom about Levitt Pavilion in Arlington – they host 50 free concerts every year. To be honest, it doesn’t mean much to me that it’s free, but my mom was excited…  It’s outside and when she checked out the website, she found out they allow dogs!  So, last night was our… Read more »

Indigo’s Grand Adventures | Clark Gardens

You should know by now I love going places with my people, and fortunately my people like going places with me too!  My mom found out about Clark Gardens through a friend, and since she really likes to photograph flowers [only have to check out the gallery under Fine Art to see I’m not lyin’]… Read more »

Indigo’s Grand Adventures | Rodeo Goat

Oh, I love this place! And I really surprised my mom, because as we got close to Rodeo Goat, there was a man walking a pig!  The pig was loose, and I could tell my people were waiting for me to react, but I didn’t…Hah, showed them! There were other people taking pictures of this… Read more »