my style 

Here is what I really want…

I want you to stop. I want you to feel.

You know how there is certain music that you just can't help but move to, whether it's a foot that just has to tap or your body has to move - visual art should make you feel too...I've been told by quite a few people that my images 'stick with them' or 'make them pause and exhale'...both incredibly high compliments for any artist.

As you've wandered around the gallery, you'll have seen that my photographic voice is all about strong & clean images.  If you've made it this far, I'm going to assume that this style appeals to you as well…


The animals we share our life with all have distinct personalities, quirks, and mannerisms that make them unique.

What jazzes me is capturing images that let their uniqueness shine through.

Depending on what you like and the time of year, we can work either outside and/or inside — two different looks, but both appealing. Of course this assumes dogs, or maybe an adventurous cat, right? Horses don't generally come in the house, now do they? 

I love using the camera to create areas that are softly out of focus to keep the attention on your four-legged… but in case that doesn't appeal to you, let me know.  After all, it's about what you enjoy.  

flowers | landscapes | places  

It's funny. I wasn't really into flowers that much until I got back into photography, and now I can shoot them for hours trying to find just the right way to capture their beauty.  

I also love to travel, and since I'm not independently wealthy and can't travel continuously, I really value being able to look at a photograph and be transported back in time so I can experience it all over again.  It could be the enduring simplicity of a building in Santa Fe, or the view of the Eiffel Tower high above the city, or just a beautiful landscape.  

Whatever it is — it allows me, and you, to experience it… whether it's for the first time or not…

it's about connection

To me, an image isn't successful unless it makes you feel something.  It could be an 'ahhh' moment that connects you back to your pet and makes you smile. Or it could be an image of flowers that makes you appreciate their fleeting beauty…  A landscape or travel photo that makes you feel like you are right there.

It is truly a privilege to be able to capture these fleeting moments in time; as I get older I realize more and more not to take the gift of time for granted… a pastor once commented that the only guaranteed time we have is now — and it is so true. We can relive those moments of connection through our memories, and having an image that can take us right back to how we felt then is a gift.


I'm looking forward to partnering with you to create images of your four-legged companion that will connect you with them for years to come...We'll have fun together, and capture some great images in a nice, relaxed way.

Check out my gallery and blog to see if these are the kinds of images that you’d like to see up on your walls, around your home, or in an album.  If they are, I'd love to partner with you.

…or if you'd prefer to purchase some of my fine art photography, I have those available for purchase as well.

Thanks for taking some of your precious time to check out savi + indigo photography.

Hope you enjoyed your visit…